Managing GenAI Risk: The Supply Chain

In this episode, we explore the risks associated with GenerativeAI (GenAI) and how companies can manage them effectively. We discuss the supply chain of GenAI applications, including IP and data security concerns, potential malicious use, and implicit bias.

Hosts and Guests

Ben Ellerby

Ben Ellerby is the Founder of aleios and a lead organiser of the GenAI Days. In 2020, AWS named him a Serverless Hero for his community and open source work. He is the editor of Serverless Transformation publication. Ben co-organizes the Serverless User Group in London, is part of the ServerlessDays organizing team, and regularly speaks at technology conferences around the world. At aleios and Theodo Group, he helps startups disrupt and assists large organizations in remaining competitive by leveraging cutting edge technology to solve real world problems. He advises several open-source Generative AI projects, as well as companies and NGOs.


Managing GenAI Risk: The Supply Chain

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